Julie Lehmann

Famous for her walking stance, half German, half French, Julie is passionate about tackling food waste issues. At night you'll see her spending time with her family and friends around a good home cooked meal and a beer or two. Majoring in International Business, and minoring in sustainability, Julie realized the need for our generation to change for the better. She started by individually getting informed and making her everyday decisions towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and now wants to help you do the same. 


Leah Nyamey

Leah, the newest addition to the team is passionate about food in every way! Let her cook a meal for you, and you will see food in a different light. She blends savour, love, and responsible food choices in her meals. Also a major in Human Environment, she is sensible to food waste, food management and sustainability at large. When she is not trying out new recipes or taking care of her plants, you can find her with her headphones on looking for new songs to add to her countless playlists. Through Embellir, Leah wants to help you become more mindful of the link between your food habits and their impact on the environment.


Sara Fraser 

Sara, being an international geography student from Sweden majoring in human environment, brings another dimension to our already amazing team. In true patriotic spirit Sara would never miss an opportunity for an afternoon stroll at IKEA, sunbathing in 16 degrees or jamming out to ABBA. On a more serious note she is also passionate about natural resource management and human behavior in regards to the environment, therefore sustainability plays a big part in her life both on and off campus.


Kayla Faga

Kayla believes having a healthy and sustainable lifestyle begins with food and its impact on the environment. Passionate about cooking vegetarian recipes, she loves sharing them with her family and friends. She dedicates each morning to mindfulness by practicing yoga. She enjoys reading the latest book that catches her eye however, she is always up for an adventure and a challenge. As a business student, she is driven and determined to inform and help the community become more responsible towards their daily choices.


Clara Lataillade

Past contributor
Clara was our execution queen. Majoring in International Business and minoring is Sociology, Clara has endowed a real entrepreneurial mindset. She had been battling food waste through embellir for 2 years and has always been eager to share her knowledge with others. However, Clara is always up for a full night of dance and drinks with her friends or a cozy crime movie night. Passionate and caring for others, she will always do the best she can to help.