Rethink waste

As alternatives around plastic are widely encouraged, fruits and vegetable are still packaged with a single-use plastic. Some examples include plastic coverings for cucumbers, plastic boxes for strawberries and plastic produce bags for fruits and vegetables.

Many of these bags end up in landfills or in the ocean. In many cases, having plastic can be worse due to its composition from non-recyclable materials melded together. Every minute, single use plastics are thrown away, yet they live in the environment and in the ecosystem for hundreds and thousands of years. Finding alternatives to plastic will also help food waste. Here is why.

Remove single-use plastic at the source

A modern and sustainable approach

Apeel Sciences, a company who aims to keep produce fresher longer created a plant-based edible peel coating technology that helps fruits and vegetables last twice as long on grocery

store shelves. Peels of a cucumber, lime, apple and stalk of asparagus already serve to protect.

19% of avocados in grocery stores are not bought and 25% that are bought end up in the trash at home. Think about how much water it took for that single avocado to grow and how much time travel time it took to arrive to where it is now, only to be thrown away. In this video, we can see the changes in an avocado using Apeel after 30 days. With Apeel, 64 cups of water is SAVED, enough to charge a smartphone 5 times. This product can help grocery stores reduce their plastic waste while also reducing their food waste. It is sustainable, durable and it has saved over 8 million pieces of fruit from going to waste. It can be used on many types of fruits and vegetables.

Using a product like this world-wide can be life changing for grocery stores as it eliminates food waste right at the source. On their website, “ask for Apeel” by entering your postal code and grocery store of your choice. We can vouch for this company to expand its products across the globe. This would be a great solution to commercial food waste. Sign this petition to reduce food waste in Quebec. It is open until December 14, 2020 with over 6,000 signatures. It is our responsibility to take steps in the right direction and keep our planet strong.

Purchase a one-time reusable produce bag

A bag made from cotton or linen will create a huge difference. When food is stored in plastic bags that are synthetically manufactured with a mix of chemicals, these chemicals can seep into the food. When storing vegetables in your refrigerator, they need room to breathe therefore an airtight bag is not the best treatment for your vegetables. Plastic produce bags can easily tear which can spread bacteria from the bag to other produce in the refrigerator. Do not forget to wash your eco-friendly bags on the regular!

These measures will preserve food and keep its freshness while reaching a no waste sustainability goal!



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