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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Earlier this week Concordia released their 5-year Sustainability Action Plan - a set of visions, endeavours and dreams that are meant to serve as a guide for us during our time as students at Concordia. The plan is divided into 5 categories; Food, Waste, Climate, Research and Curriculum. As you may have guessed, our team is pretty hyped about this. We believe that this type of encouragement is key during some of our most influential years as it creates the opportunity to develop an interest for subjects such as sustainability, in order to keep them close to heart and always in mind. With this said, Embellir is here to sum up the action plan and break it down for you simply. Let’s get to it.

Our slogan goes as follows - we feed people, not landfills - so naturally, we’d like to give some extra love and attention to the category of Food & Waste.

Reading through the food plan, one can rejoice key targets such as increasing sources of local & sustainable foods to 50% in summer/fall and 40% in winter / spring, as well as providing the choice for plant-based, allergen-free and culturally inclusive meals on campus to ensure there's something that suits everyone on our plates. Apart from the initiative of lowering our food waste, Concordia aims towards securing food access in our community through leftover donations carried out by a Concordia-wide system which would make sure that food ends up in the hands of those who actually need it, instead of in the trash.

A lot has been done in the previous years within Concordia's community when looking at the strive towards zero-waste, which only emphasizes the fact that there's always room to grow. The sustainability action plan brings up cool new goals such as starting up a trial run of a waste and material sorting center that would be able to extract clean individual materials from our recycled waste and landfills. Besides from this, Concordia wishes to sharpen and improve the already active reuse initiative present among students.

As for Climate, Research and Curriculum we’re thrilled to see goals such as eliminating CO2 amongst other gases speeding up climate change in regards to Concordia's energy use, in addition to setting up a well grounded teaching environment where we could all benefit from learning more about sustainability and all that it entails.

Speaking from my personal point of view, I’ve never been a particularly patient person, but in this case I can recognize the fact that change takes time. However, what does speed up the process is setting a clear structure for future wishes and goals. Sometimes targeting the problem and what needs to be done to solve it, can be almost as hard as making the actual change.

As a last note we’d like to encourage all of you guys to attend a FREE online zoom-event taking place on November 3rd from 1pm-2pm called “A brighter future for all: Launch of the Concordia Sustainability Action Plan” that’s hosted by Concordia and various speakers. Check out the following link to secure your spot at this awesome event asap: (

See you there.



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